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Our history

Thirty years ago, TouchWind was born.
In an era where nuclear power production was becoming the norm, the Chernobyl disaster made it clear to the world that this form of energy was not without its downsides. Only a handful of people, quickly dismissed as a bunch of naïve hippies, had the courage to speak out against it. The frequent demonstrations of those days were the seeds of a long transition being planted. A transition we are still in today.

Amongst these protesters was a young Rikus van de Klippe. Having just earned his degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Delft (NL). Rikus went searching for a more meaningful application of his fascination for technology. He started taking extra courses in philosophy. In 1981, he graduated with knowledge in both aerodynamics, engineering and philosophy. It was this combination of academic aptitude and curiosity that made him question; is it really a universal truth that a wind turbine will always have the tendency to make its mast fall over?

Decades of determination

Research, development, trial and error went by. Rikus, having spent his last money on prototyping, finally found the answer to that question he had been asking himself for thirty years. It took three major technical inventions to finalize the concept of the Touchwind Mono

And away we go

In 2016, armed with a stack of terrible pencil drawings, a TI-83 that had seen better days, a cork stopper, a CD and a bundle of bamboo sticks; Rikus explained his findings to the outside world. And so, a new team was born.

What followed, during the upcoming two years, was 3D-simulations, conceptual finalizing and endless consultants to finally claim the patents corresponding to 30 years of development.

"Make wind energy affordable. Everywhere and for everyone. Finally."

Our mission

Decades of hard work are coming to fruition. We know the potential of TouchWind Mono. And we know what she can bring to the world. But even more so, we know our mission:
To make wind energy affordable, everywhere and for everyone. Finally.

What Mono needs now, is the time and effort to make her grow up and make her parents proud. We know she will.

"Make wind energy affordable. Everywhere and for everyone. Finally."