Offshore Engineer

As an offshore engineer you will design and analyses different systems located in marine environments. These systems differ from down scaled offshore turbines, models in the water basin of MARIN, to full scale simulations. The analysis’ you preform range from simple hand calculations, to motion analysis’ of the whole floater, to fatigue analysis of the mooring system. This all is done in close contact with your colleagues at TouchWind and MARIN.

Aerodynamic Engineer

As an aerodynamic engineer, you will be working on a brought set of tasks. From the analysis of single turbines, to the effects in a full wind farm. From setting up mathematical models based predominantly on theory to the design and analysis of empirical experiments in the wind tunnel. As mentioned before, an important task lies in converting the theory and empirical data in a better understanding of the turbine’s aerodynamic mechanisms.

Mechanical Design Engineer

As a mechanical engineer you will be (together with your team) responsible for the design and analysis of the floater, tower, nacelle, and hub design.  This involves translating motions, forces and moments to a design that lasts, can be produced, is cost effective and manufactured within time constraints. This is done in consultation with your colleagues at TouchWind, MARIN, Nidec, VDL and We4Ce.