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Currently we are raising funds to bring our concepts to life. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in becoming a shareholder. Please note that participation has a minimum price of €25.000,-.


TouchWind is a company in the business of concepts. We do not sell physical products, nor do we intend to do so. We sell licences that allow other companies to produce any of our inventions. For that reason we are open to collaboration with companies that have experience in mass production of wind turbines.

Offshore wind energy

Floating wind turbines

This article is a good start for essential basic knowledge within the topic of floating turbines.

The Netherlands

Our planet is melting. And so most governments have raised the bar for sustainable energy. Here, in the Netherlands goals are ambitious. Currently, our country’s total capacity of offshore wind turbines is roughly 1.000 megawatt. In 2030 the government strives to be at 12.000 megawatt. Or maybe even more.

It took our country 12 years to get to this capacity. For the next 12 years the goal is set at roughly the same amount. With one difference: this capacity has to be added annually. This means 12 times the amount, within 12 years.

Other countries

Obviously, The Netherlands is just one example of a tiny country. Comparable goals are set everywhere around the globe. For your convenience, we have listed some examples: