Offshore Engineer


About TouchWind

TouchWind was founded in 2018 based on an idea which was developed over 30 years. This idea involves a two bladed, one-piece rotor that is designed to operate with a skewed inflow. The design allows for a more elegant mast construction, a less complex rotor and therefore a lower cost price. Furthermore, the skewed inflow creates advantages that can lead to a higher windfarm yield. (for more information, see our website

TouchWind work ethos

TouchWind is a young company in its start-up phase of development. The technology is novel and exciting. The work ethos and ambiance at TouchWind are reflected well by these circumstances. The atmosphere is informal, low profile and direct. The type of challenge calls for creative thinkers that have the ability to both go into detail, while not losing the overall picture. Furthermore, it takes a kind of rebellious mentality and a bit of stubbornness to fully go for such a crazy idea where ‘the wheel’ gets reinvented.

TouchWind’s Current Project

The TouchWind technology is where this company is built upon. In 2020 we started our collaboration with 5 different partners in the common project “Proof of principle for cost-effective floating offshore wind turbine concept”.  The partners we are collaborating with are: TU Delft & MARIN, two independent research institutions, We4Ce, a wind turbine rotor specialist and two (large) industrial partners namely Nidec and VDL. Together with our partners we received a multimillion euro grant to support this project by the Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO). In this project a number of scaled-down wind turbine set-ups are tested, both in the wind tunnel (at the TUD) and outside. At this point we have gathered even more partners and are developing a 6m rotor diameter set up, while continuing the research to the full-scale turbines.

The Technology

The concept is, in aerodynamic point of view, totally different than conventional turbines. Because the technology is this innovative, many tools for conventional wind turbines do not apply to the TouchWind technology.

This means that the work we are doing is often fundamental. A big challenge lies in setting up the models to fully understand the behaviour of our turbine. This is done both by empirical experiments, as by simulations. Another challenge lies in the realization of the scaled down set ups. These set ups in general have two purposes, demonstrating the technology and research to various aspects of the technology.

In general, the challenge is to increase the technology readiness level (TRL) while ensuring the future competitiveness during scaling up. Becoming competitive in the current wind turbine market is of course incredibly tough, but we believe our technology can really make a difference. If you see this tough challenge as exciting, you might have the right attitude for TouchWind!

You will be working on:

As an offshore engineer you will design and analyses different systems located in marine environments. These systems differ from down scaled offshore turbines, models in the water basin of MARIN, to full scale simulations. The analysis’ you preform range from simple hand calculations, to motion analysis’ of the whole floater, to fatigue analysis of the mooring system. This all is done in close contact with your colleagues at TouchWind and MARIN.

We are looking for people with the following attitude

  • Pleasure in achieving things together
  • Being able to work independent
  • Hands-on mentality
  • Enthusiastic
  • Rebellious mentality, having the courage to doing it differently
  • Flexible
  • Creative
  • Being able to understand complicated problems throughout, while not losing the overall picture.
  • Interested in multidisciplinary approach
  • Taking responsibility for one’s own work
  • Enjoying building something from the ground up, with all its inseparable pros and cons

We are looking for people with the following qualifications

  • Master or Bachelor degree in Marine-, Mechanical-, Offshore Engineering or similar
  • Preferable 2-3 years or more of professional experience, in the offshore wind energy or preferable floating wind energy
  • Understanding of the practicalities related to offshore operations
  • Excellent communication and team working skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in both Dutch(required) and English (wish).
  • Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Programming experience in MATLAB, or similar (Desirable)
  • High skills in 3D CAD (preferable Solid Works)

Our offer

  • A full-time position, 32-40-hour working-week
  • We offer a competitive salary, including holiday pay.
  • You will be working with our great team on a breakthrough technology for a better future
  • The freedom to develop yourself and grow as the company does
  • You will start with a one-year contract, and this can become an indefinite term contract.

Location and other matters

  • You will be based at TouchWind’s office in Eindhoven, with the possibility to work part time from home
  • You can legally work in The Netherlands
  • We are looking for someone who can start from the first of March 2022


Please send your resume and motivation letter to before 01-01-2022. Please indicate in your motivation letter why you would like to work for TouchWind and what you can add to the company. We look forward hearing from you.